Oct 25, 2016

12 Semi-Healthy Halloween Treats, Snacks And Dishes

Halloween dozen't have to be all about candy!  I have found some super spooky tasty treats and dinner ideas to add a little wholesomeness to the Halloween Festivities.  Here are 12 of my favorite. 

Without further Ado... my favorite Semi- Healthy Halloween Treats, Snacks And Dishes...

I love this.
I have a feeling a variation of it will become one of Ollie's regular snacks!

String cheese pretzels!
Surely, I can do this!

This recipe calls for using Chinese Chow Mien noodles mixed with melted chocolate.
I've read enough reviews to know I need to use broken mini pretzel sticks instead of the noodles,
 and M&M's for the eyes instead of cereal.

So Cute and So Easy! 

This inspired me to be brave...
I might let the kids decorate cookies themselves.

Halloween Trail Mix!
Such a great idea!

I've already started doing this to Ollie's Mandarin oranges.
He LOVES it!

Who doesn't love bite-size Pizza Mummies?

While I think this looks yummy,
it also looks super messy to make.

Rice Crispy Candy Corn...
Can you imagine how AWESOME the "Nailed It" photo will be of this?
I'm already laughing!
I LOVE this.
Every time I look at this photo I want hummus and veggies.

Well, wish me luck, I have a feeling I'm going to need it...

Please, if you have made any of these, and have any tips, spill it!  I need all the help I can get.  OR if you have a favorite healthy Halloween treat please tell me all about it!!  

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Oct 24, 2016

The Painter Ran Off With My Money. Now What?

My dear girlfriend and her husband have been taken by a local painter. He was recommended by a friend and even backed-up by the local Sherwin-Williams.

My girlfriend said the minute she met the painter she had her reservations. Her husband told her she was being paranoid, and that guy seemed ok.

They gave him a couple thousand dollars, cash, or 50% upfront. The painter signed a receipt for the money along with a contract for the work.

The problems started almost immediately.

Long story short, after three weeks of the guy showing up for an hour or two once each week, my friend's husband told the guy if he didn't show up to do the job, he wanted his money back. The guy never showed up.

My friend consulted an attorney friend and was told to press criminal charges. Which, her husband just did.

Besides feeling taken for granted, lied to, stolen from and left with a house partially painted, my friend is concerned about if she will ever really see her money again.

I told her that I had no idea what would happen, but that I had the best online community and would reach out to you in hopes you knew the answer to, or had stories about, what to do when a contractor runs off with your money.

Please, if you have any idea, share!

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Super Cute And Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Happy Monday!

I came across a super cute idea for a DIY fall wreath a couple of years ago and wanted to share how fun and easy it was to make.

While fresh fall leaves sounded wonderful, I wanted something that would last, and more importantly, not dry and crumble on my doorstep! I also had the image of embellishments and lights for extra awesomeness.

I started by first straightening out the hanger, then making it into a circle.

HINT: When you get frustrated thinking there is NO WAY the hanger will become a circle, it will. Keep trying.

Professor The Cat, seeing the wire whip around and the garland laying at me feet, ran right over to play help.  In my house, if it's not a toddler, it's a cat trying to lend a hand.

Next, I pulled the garlands together and wove the hanger through them, adding leaves at and even spacing and adjusting the pumpkins and acorns until I had the entire wrath strung on the hanger.

I finished by closing the circle by winding the wire hanger closed. I refollowed the threads that were originally wrapped around each other.

are you ready... 

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?!!?

I am SO proud of myself. 

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Oct 18, 2016

12 Home Weatherproofing Essentials You'll Want To Know About

While I absolutely LOVE my nearly 100-year-old home, it does have it's issues. OK, It has subscriptions to issues. One of which is being extremely drafty. Our garage door leading into the basement is so bad, that on the first cold night it felt like the door was wide-ass-open.

Being that I'm in my third year of sealing up a drafty old home, I thought I would share my wealth of  weatherproofing knowledge. Here are twelve super easy budget friendly tips for home weatherproofing:

1. Prepare the battle front, your windows. Check all windows for leaks, cracks and debris (both in and out) that may be keeping the windows from shutting properly.

2. Put in or let down storm windows. This is a huge saver if your windows are missing them, measure and start calling home salvage shops.

3. CAULK EVERYTHING! Sometimes fixing drafty windows is as easy as caulking. We have a stairwell that with huge windows that are beautiful, but in both warm and cold months, pose challenges. I've resolved to leave them shut, locked and caulked all year long. Thankfully, there is this stuff called, "removable caulk" that dries clear and is easily removable in the spring for cleaning and letting in fresh air. I am all about it! It's clean, easy and does peel right away. Check out this guys review of how it works.
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Oct 13, 2016

20 Jaw Dropping Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family (WARNING: Post Rated: W.T.H.)

When I set out to do my annual Halloween costume idea post, I came across some of the most jaw dropping are-you-kidding-me-right-now costumes. After wiping the tears of laughter away from my eyes, I decided the "best of" costumes post could wait, because the "worst of" was going to be WAY more fun to create.

But before we go any further... My friends, this post needs a WARNING:  A few of these costumes are just plain Epic Fail OH-Hell-No-what-is-happening-to-this-world-I-think-I-just-went-blind-with-disgust costumes.  PLEASE DO NOT try most of these at home...

Without further ado... It's about to get UGLY...

Yeah, even the family pet is not safe from this post...

The Kids...

So, you are trying to tell me that, not only am I NOT going to be a princess...
I'm basically going to be a douche bag?

Mom, I think I need some pants. 


 This is not acceptable ADHD therapy.

Please, person behind the camera, tell me why... Please.

Sweet mother of Mercy.
I thought cloning was illegal?
I love this.
How freaking easy!

Mom and Dad 

Mom... Dad... Don't.

And take your little friends with you.

Dude. Really?

So that's how Octomom does it...

Is that Lady GaGa?

Sponge Bob's lawyer called...
You are in big trouble when the Cops, Crimes against Cartoons and CPS are finished with you

The only thing I am sure of right now...
 is that...
It's holding a beer.

Take a close look...
This is the asshole that ruined clowns for EVERYONE!

Mom... Dad... Good luck paying the therapist bills.

And 'Father of the Year' goes to...
Not this guy.
Surely there is a good explanation for this. 
Um. Well...
I guess this dad can have the award.
His kid is covered up, and so is he.

Ok, this is actually genius...
As long as they are not the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse.

No explanation will do.

I just cannot end on this note. I have to clean this mess up before you leave.  After all of those fails, we need a super hero sized save.  We need a win...

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Oct 11, 2016

Super Cute And Easy DIY Halloween Nails

I love holiday theme nail art. It's such a fun way to add an extra touch to the holidays. Here are a few of my Halloween Nail Art favorites that are super cute and easy.
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Oct 10, 2016

19 DIY Family Halloween Costumes Anyone Can Make

Whether you're a semesters or all thumbs when it comes to sewing (Like me!), the following 19 family Halloween costumes, anyone can make! 

Now, a few of these may look impossible for the average DIY-er, but keep in mind, you can make just about anything with these three things:

1. Cardboard and duct tape, both clear and fun colors. Need I remind you of the AMAZING Duct Tape prom dresses made from ONLY colored "Duck" tape?

2. Paper Mache, balloons and paint

3. Trift shops, imagination, scissors and hot glue.

Like, the costumes below, Think Big punching ballon blown up, covered in paper ache, painted then decorated if felt and dollar store finds! Hello. Easy. Totally doable...

Remember, you need it to stay together for only one night...

Use a bald cap and a scarf

Use rolled up craft or packing paper.

This is a cardboard box masterpiece

                                                                  LOVE the wagon idea!

As if I could leave this off the list...

Is your family doing a themed Family Halloween?  What is everyone wearing??  Needless to say, We will be a Star Wars family too.

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